Full life insurance

19 Sep

A whole life insurance is an effective way to protect your loved ones now and in the future. By offering permanent protection with premiums never increase, full life insurance allows you to keep your family even when you’re not present. … Read More »

Funeral Insurance types

12 Sep

The funeral insurance is an insurance policy that covers the costs for the funeral. The market offers three main types of funeral insurance that can help you plan your last goodbye freeing his family from financial responsibility for the ceremony. … Read More »

General information on insurance

5 Sep

What is safe? It is a financial instrument which grants a sum insured in case of death, disability or survivors. The insurer will pay the beneficiary the sum insured in case of disability, survival or death of the insured, according … Read More »

Guide for insurance contracts

22 Aug

Definition Health insurance obliges the insurer to pay certain amounts and costs of medical and pharmaceutical assistance; in the health care insurance the insurer undertakes to pay the insured health care services directly through its own structure or by payment … Read More »

Health insurance

15 Aug

Compare the main insurance before hiring your health insurance Family health insurance Find out which of the 20 health insurance companies major policy offers the best coverage and price ratio is very easy. Our Comparator Health Insurance Online, helps you … Read More »

Home insurance

8 Aug

Buying Guide home insurance. Compare and learn coverage‚Äôs and possibilities of multi-risk insurance. For less than 300 dollars per year, with home insurance it allows you to be quiet against claims that may occur at home. The basic coverage is … Read More »

How does it work and what insurance cover unpaid rent?

25 Jul

Where before bank guarantees or personal guarantors are asking, now formalized rental insurance. This new formula for owners backs are covered against possible defaults is an increasingly used alternative that has also served to stimulate the market and allow access … Read More »